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Big Cock Stories

  • Kissing Kim

    I was hooked from the moment I heard her accent. I was just finishing dinner at the Reprise when I heard her. She had the sweetest, most beautiful Australian accent; […]

  • Empire State of Mind Pt. 02

    Alison Nolan was completely airtight, a large throbbing black cock lodged in each of her holes. Her tiny frame shook with delight as Steve Taylor, Wesley Patterson and Lawrence Robbins […]

  • Four Play

    Teresa shouldn’t have been eavesdropping, but how could she avoid it? Wendy and Maura were such loud whisperers and had so sense of discretion. Whenever they started talking about boyfriends […]

  • Black Cock Party Ch. 15

    My friends and I got back from spring break on that Friday before school started back up on the next Monday, so we could have a few days to relax. […]

  • Black Cock: 10 Inch Cock Training

    Summary: Straight married man becomes a cocksucker and willing bottom. Note 1: This story is dedicated to goamz86 and to making one of his fantasies as real as possible. Note […]

  • Marriage with Miranda

    Now more than ever, Miranda was determined not to lose Martin. She was unable to stop thinking about him, unable to imagine life without him. She found herself getting nervous […]

  • Adeline's Mistake

    Adeline’s Mistake

    Damen Adeline Goodentite had disappointedly left the party early, as there were no men attending who struck her fancy. A national software vendor had invited her to a gathering of […]

  • Insatiable at Work Ch. 02: Cuckold

    Insatiable at Work Ch. 02: Cuckold

    The following is one more episode of work-related sexual adventures. It highlights my first experience with a cuckold. Jodi and I knew each other from working together, years ago. We […]

  • Moments with Miranda

    Moments with Miranda

    “So, how do you like New York?” Martin Roberts was determined not to ask this beautiful woman any of the typical questions Americans asked Australians-nothing about kangaroos or Vegemite or […]

  • Waking Up with Brooke Ch. 02

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback on the first chapter of Waking up with Brooke. It’s been almost all good reviews, which is very encouraging. If you have any ideas […]