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Big Cock Stories

  • The Neighbor's Boy Ch. 06

    The Neighbor’s Boy Ch. 06

    Welcome to Chapter 6. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback. Laura’s story with Matt continues. Again, I would appreciate your reviews/comments/suggestions. Chapter 6. Not long before lunch, an instant […]

  • The Adventure Series Pt. 01: A Rogue's Misstep

    The Adventure Series Pt. 01: A Rogue’s Misstep

    Ellie’s First Story: “A Rouge’s Misstep” Ellie had just finished checking her leather armor when a light noise stirred the otherwise still air sitting over the Tulcoria Valley. Her eyes […]

  • My Fantasy Comes True Pt. 08

    My Fantasy Comes True Pt. 08

    It had been a week since we talked about Sam and Rebecca, and tonight it was arranged for them to visit us. As I laid naked on the bed I […]

  • Sexy Senior Citizens

    Sexy Senior Citizens

    Author’s notes: . I found this gathering dust in the corner of my hard drive. I had completed the first draft on a little better than three chapters of what […]

  • My Adorably Hung Summer Roommate Ch. 02

    My Adorably Hung Summer Roommate Ch. 02

    At the end of part one, Darren had just discovered that his cute roommate Dani held a considerable advantage in the genital magnitude department and he owed her dinner as […]

  • Road Trip with Mom Ch. 01

    Road Trip with Mom Ch. 01

    I started off with the intention that this be a one-off story with just a single chapter. Alas, as my loyal readers know by now, my characters sometimes take me […]

  • Hiking Cuckold

    Hiking Cuckold

    A car pulled up on the highway as I was seated on the bench by the bus stop. Out of the car came a stunning curvaceous 20 year-old brunette, Megan. […]

  • Gym Instruction Ch. 02

    Gym Instruction Ch. 02

    This is a follow on to my wife Anne and her personal instructor, Rob’s story entitled ‘ Wife’s special workout’. If you don’t like stories about Husbands that allow their […]

  • Sisters' Misters Ch. 09

    Sisters’ Misters Ch. 09

    **** Final score This chapter involves 18-year-old Megan and her 42-year-old mother, Karen, plus Megan’s black-bred cousins, Chelsea, 18, and Jennifer, 22, along with their similarly pregnant mother, Katie, 40, […]

  • Melissa's Boss

    Melissa’s Boss

    It was 9:30 when I got home from my ten hour shift, and when I shut the garage I could hear the smacking of my wife lips cutting through the […]